DeVry University Careers.


Why DeVry?






To provide students with an exceptional learning experience, we need team members for a variety of functions: student services, accounting, marketing, admissions and more. No matter what your role is, every colleague has the chance to make a difference.


DeVry faculty members have the opportunity to realize a fulfilling career that matches his or her talents and aspirations. We invite those who have a Master’s Degree or higher to explore a range of faculty roles from assistant professor to senior professor.

We offer an instructional leadership path that encourages development of faculty from within the organization. Whether you pursue an instructional role or one in academic or non-academic leadership, your career should be a rewarding one.

Student Workers

We participate in the Federal Work Study (FWS) program which can provide valued work experience and financial support to students. A variety of student worker positions are available to those who meet necessary requirements. If you wish to learn more before you apply, please visit your DeVry University Student Central Office..