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Whether you're interested in earning an MBA, a specialized master's degree or a graduate certificate in a focused field, you can discover a range of graduate degrees in business, technology and accounting through DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management.

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  • Flexibility to fit your life
  • Customizable degree programs
  • Quick Graduate Certificate credentials as part of many Master’s degree programs
  • Accreditation by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  • Industry-informed professors
  • Consistent advisor support along your journey
  • Community engagement both while at Keller and as an alum

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Get to Know Our On-Campus and Online Graduate Programs

Every graduate student has a different path to success. That's why DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management offers you a variety of online graduate programs to choose from:

A practitioner-focused MBA

Take advantage of Keller’s MBA program. When you earn an MBA from Keller, you’ll have professors with industry experience leading your classes and sharing current and innovative business and management practices.

Relevant concentrations

Keller offers diverse concentration options and a wide range of electives, so you can customize your degree program. Keller also provides a unique opportunity for students interested in accounting to prepare for the CPA exam and earn an MBA at the same time.

A specialized master's degree

Keller offers specialized master's degrees: accounting and financial management, human resource management, public administration, project management and technology management. Each program offers practical, relevant knowledge in its respective field.

A graduate certificate

Designed to help you quickly build knowledge in your field of choice, Keller's graduate certificates are offered in a broad spectrum of disciplines. Earn a certificate as a stand-alone credential and then, if you choose, apply qualifying credits toward a master's degree program.

Graduate Degrees & Education FAQs

What's a concentration?

Some master's degree programs at Keller (including our MBA degree program) allow you to focus your degree by taking elective courses in a specific subject area, often applicable to one or several career fields. This area is called a "concentration" or "specialization".

What's an emphasis?

Some of our Specialized Master's Degree Programs have different areas of study for those with specific professional areas of interest or expertise. By pursuing one of these areas, you'll emphasize an area of study as you work toward your degree. That's why we say, for example, "a Master of Accounting & Financial Management with a CPA emphasis."

What is the cost of a graduate program?

We work to help master's degree programs at Keller Graduate School of Management be more affordable with a variety of ways to manage tuition costs, including our Dennis Keller Scholarship*. To learn more about tuition costs, financial aid and scholarship awards you may qualify for, see our Financial Aid page.
*Must meet eligibility requirements. Full details can be found on our Scholarships + Grants page.

How long will my graduate program take?

Because the required number of credit hours varies by program, the length of time it takes for someone to earn their master’s degree at Keller can vary too. Our MBA program requires 16 courses, and our Specialized Master's Degree Programs require 13 - 15 courses. Depending on the program you select and the pace you prefer, you might take one or two classes per 8-week session.

You may be able to accelerate the journey to your master’s degree using a combination of approved transfer credits, course waivers* and/or credit for professional training, and satisfy the requirements for up to six courses.

For example, if you’ve earned an undergraduate degree in business or a related field, you may have satisfied the requirements for up to four courses in a master’s degree program at Keller through our Master’s Advantage. To learn more about Master’s Advantage and other ways to earn credit for what you’ve already achieved, visit our Graduate Admissions page.
*Waiver availability varies by location.

Get more answers to your questions about online graduate programs from our Graduate Program Questions list.

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Fauzia Alavi | Student — Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

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